BMW’s contract workers


BBC TV News is reporting that BMW is laying off its contract (agency) workers with 1 hours notice, although their web site doesn’t confirm the 1 hour notice  there is not reason to doubt the claim’s veracity:

Angry agency staff have confronted union officials at BMW’s Mini Cowley plant in Oxford, after the carmaker confirmed 850 job cuts at the site.

Casual staff, who had been laid off with immediate effect, threw fruit at leaders of the Unite union, claiming they felt betrayed.

Tony Woodley, joint general secretary of Unite, described BMW’s treatment of the workers as “disgraceful”.

For once I agree with Tony Wooodley. I have employed contract workers and been a contract worker and I find it hard to believe that BMW’s management needed to act in such a callous way and perhaps they need to be removed for incompetence.

If they didn’t see this coming then what have they been doing? Every other car manufacturer has had to make  redundancies and shout down plants so its hardly a surprise that car sales are falling off a cliff. If they did see it coming and delayed the decision to the last minute because they are dealing with contractors and didn’t need to then they are a bunch of cowardly and callous bastards who should be sacked immediately.

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